Make-Up & Costumes

Carefully you take out your colours of white, red, black and (of course) the base colour for your skin.

Remember: Pat your makeup smooth after each application. Now, starting with the white, you colour in around your mouth and eyes. (You may powder with each colour or wait until you are finished and powder the entire face.) Then, taking the red, colour in anything you want as red. Now take the base (your choice of skin colour) and colour in around your face.

Step back and make sure you like what you see. You might get some friendly suggestions from mum and dad. Take the black colour and mark your eyebrows. You use the black for accent marks to indicate corners of eyes, areas around your mouth and as eye liner. You might consider blue for eye shadow.

Make faces in the mirror. Do your accent marks bring out your smiles, giggles and frowns?

This is a great time for last minute changes.

Putting some baby powder in an old sock, lightly tap on and around your face.

Wait a minute or so and then lightly brush away the excess powder.

Look over what you have created.

You can touch-up by adding rouge to tint areas.

Changing your style and colour is a  constant feature of being a clown. Now add your nose,wig and costume.

Wow! Just look at yourself!

You have changed from child to clown.

It is like becoming a new and different person. You feel free as a floating feather.