Clowns in New Zealand

Contact: Nigel Mander
Web Address: Random.Org.NZ
Telephone: (0064) 45285883
Mobile: (0064) 21726366
Town: Upper Hutt
County: Wellington
Profile: Balloon twisting (and Puzzle can blow balloons up without a pump!) * Dogs, *French poodles, *Giraffes, *Swans, *Love birds, *Rabbits, *Frogs, *Horses, *Parrots, *Mice.
Bubble blowing — nothing very fancy but lots and lots of little bubbles, and some of them are catchable. (Sometimes Puzzle blows larger bubbles which pop easily.)
Better than average Juggling — ‘coz the average person doesn’t know s/he can juggle at all! * Scarves, *Balls, *Rings, *Clubs, *Diabolo, *Cup and ball.
Mime. Puzzle never says anything. Puzzle doesn’t do a ‘mime show’ but relies on gesture and expression to be understood.
Play with other toys on impulse.